Focus on your health, learn how to prioritize clean and healthy foods, and feel AMAZING!

"Over the course of 10 days I lost weight and I reduced my sugar cravings, but most importantly I just felt healthier and cleaner and learned a ton! I have always considered myself a healthy eater, but the Reset made me realize how some foods I think of as healthy don't sit well with me."


  • No calorie counting
  • No hunger or deprivation
  • Focus on whole, unprocessed, healthy foods

Load up on energizing foods

  • Supplement your healthy food with extra greens, plant-based proteins, and nutrient-dense foods that help boost energy and detox your body!

Detoxify your body

  • Replace inflammatory foods with healthier alternatives
  • Reduce bloating, fatigue, aches & pains

Remove inflammatory triggers

  • Focus on sleep
  • Increase movement
  • Eliminate late-night snacking

Take care of yourself

Reset Basics

"I saw my body transform - my bloat is gone and I look like myself. Clothes fit more comfortably. I speak and think more clearly. Feels like I am living and not just going through the motions. I feel mentally as well as physically empowered, which I haven't felt in a long time (and I'm slowly learning they go hand in hand!)."


  • Daily live video in private Facebook group with motivation, tips, and guidance
  • Get your questions answered and feel supported

Daily support and motivation

  • All the resources you need in one place
  • Support from others going through the Reset with you

Private Facebook group

  • Videos explaining each Reset goal and how to incorporate it into your lifestyle
  • Meal planning suggestions to make Reset easier

Pre-Reset guidance

  • Complete Program Guide with recipes and instructions
  • Dozens of additional Reset-approved recipes

Additional resources

What You'll Get

"I lost weight and body fat.  I felt my sugar cravings reduced a lot and I don't crave foods that I know will cause poor digestion and bloating. 

Overall, I feel happier, more motivated to work out, and determined to make better decisions every meal."


Your Coach!

Megan Lyons is founder and owner of The Lyons' Share Wellness.

Through health coaching, group programs, corporate wellness, and speaking, she has helped thousands of people on their journeys to their ultimate health and happiness.


She leads Reset groups with enthusiasm, encouragement, and compassion, and looks forward to making YOU the next member of The Lyons' Den!

"Several pounds lighter, learned how important food prep is and how to make healthy decisions at restaurants.  But more important, FEELING GREAT!  Let's do this again soon!"


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